Principals and Staff


At DS4SI, we benefit from working and thinking with a wide variety of artists in a myriad of ways.


Whether its tricksters, philosophers, Afro-futurist comic artists, or systems thinkers, we owe our own understandings of how to approach design thinking for affecting social life to some of the best thinkers and practitioners we know. As you can see here, the texts that inform our work are quite eclectic! We’d love to keep expanding and deepening our understandings of complex problem solving, so we welcome your input. Who should we be reading? What should we be writing? Who inspires you?

The studio would be lost without our human muses...

Najma Nazy'at, who helps us grapple with everything from theory and philosophy to relevance to young people. 
Kiara Nagel, who has inspired and furthered our work around spatial justice and urbanism. 
Myles O'Brien, who builds and designs new ideas with us.
Judith Leemann, who helps us think with elegance and metaphors. 
Erin Manning and Brian Massumi, whose work on affect theory has been pivotal to our thinking on social violence. 


Come read, think and imagine with us… you can share with us here.